Bank of England Base Rate Increase?

Wow, here I am in the first week of May 2022 and Boris Johnson is still our Prime Minister, just. I cannot believe that he’s still hanging on in there, he obviously doesn’t get embarrassed. I guess few of his ilk do and it reminds me of Shiv Roy and her unforgettable line “We don’t get embarrassed”. If you know, you know.

Anyway, moving onto business.

The Bank of England (BofE) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meet tomorrow, I think everyone is expecting there to be a change, and realistically, it’s only going one way, and that is up. I’d expect 0.25%, but we could see more, who knows.

One lender got a little over-excited and announced a “change” a day early. Yup, you, Halifax.

They then realised their mistake after a fair few hours;

However it goes, I hope that whatever the changes and how they affect you, that you you keep safe and solvent. The next year or two has the potential to be very ugly….. sending you my very best.

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