Corporate Property Ownership in the UK.

I’ve been wanting to write this for a few months now but have been hampered by a few things. Particularly, what I wanted to write would descend into a frenzied rant lacking focus and smacking of conspiracy theory. Hell, it may still happen, but here it goes…..

My first dilemma was whether to write an expansive, comprehensive account of how I view things with multiple references, or as a shorter summary, a condensed, readable account. I’ve opted for the latter. Nowadays, we all seem to have the attention span of a gnat, and the likelihood is that nobody will read this, and if they do, I need to make it shorter and to the point to accommodate this. If it piques the readers interest, they can go Googling and educate themselves further. The information is out there – it’s readily available. Maybe then, the reader can make a more informed opinion. Any feedback on findings would be gratefully received.

I’ve been keeping an eye on economic indicators for most of my adult life, for some sad reason it interests me – and I’m starting to see some worrying trends that I wanted to share.

We’ve all seen the “Great Reset” stuff all over the media, and heard multiple Western leaders screaming “Build back better!” in the wake of the COVID issue. Boris Johnson even managed to deliver it at the G7, albeit a mashed-up, bumbling version with his counterparts barely able to stifle their sniggers.

This, in the light of what I am about to expand upon, makes me extremely worried for the future, not so much for my generation, but for the younger generations. I think Britain, and the West is about to take a particularly unpleasant turn for its citizens.

The Great Reset apparently is, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) an opportunity for rebuilding society and the economy in a sustainable way post COVID. There’s an awful lot of people (namely the Plebs – you and I) that aren’t entirely happy with this. They (the Plebs) are viewing this as a way of the “Elites” i.e. people with an awful lot of money, power and influence such as the likes that attend Elite only clubs such as Bilderberg and The Trilateral Commission to continue with World Management avoiding democratic process. Interestingly, Kier Starmer, sorry, Sir Kier Starmer, the leader of the opposition to the UK Government is a member of the Trilateral Commssion. He’s the only MP in that particular club, and the club itself? Well, worth some reading up on, it can be quite concerning, as can Bilderberg.

During COVID, the Federal Reserve in the States and The Bank of England in the UK have hurriedly been printing and creating money like it is going out of fashion to prop up their spending. The figures are huge, and it is worth further research. The Fed’s exercise has been nothing short of mind boggling, and in the UK, the figures are crazy, okay, not up to the Fed’s levels of craziness, but still extremely concerning. As we have seen throughout history, creating money creates inflationary issues – think Germany in the 1920’s and more recently, Zimbabwe. It all gets a bit silly when a loaf of bread costs a few billion of whatever Disneyland Dollars your central bank creates.

What happens next is where it gets really sticky, and I hope that I am completely wrong, but I don’t think so.

Okay, so, the government prints a shed load of money, inflation spirals out of control, what is the government to do? They increase interest rates to ‘slow things down’.

Over the last couple of decades, us Plebs in the West have got used to low interest rates creating extremely cheap money, almost lulling us into a false sense of security (cue conspiracy theorists). In many Western economies, the domestic housing markets are going silly; there are plenty of accounts whereby demand is outstripping supply and prices are rocketing. Essentially, people are paying far more for their houses, and these were already considerably overpriced when you compare them to historical norms. Bidding wars are erupting, and there are plenty of anecdotal accounts in the UK of between ten to fifteen buyers competing for one house. All of this is being fuelled by cheap borrowing of money and it isn’t slowing down. Yet.

Those of you old enough to remember in the UK during the early nineties will recall the high levels of inflation resulting in interest rates exceeding ten percent. In some cases, the mortgage rates hit 14-15%. If you’ve got a mortgage, quickly run the amount you owe with an increased interest rate through one of the online calculators.

I worked for a retail bank at this precise time, and we were repossessing houses daily. It was hideous. Mortgage payments were spiralling, people fell into arrears and subsequently lost their family homes. What was previously affordable, became unaffordable. The carnage has left me with indelible memories and cost me a lot of money; when I mortgaged, I fixed the interest rate for the term, so I knew exactly what I was having to stump up each month. The rates dropped to bugger all and I was paying over the odds and could have saved myself thousands if I had been on a variable rate. But at least I felt secure in the knowledge that I could I afford to cover my borrowing.

Now, let’s add another layer. You will likely be aware of the onslaught of Cryptocurrencies. These clever things are exactly what the Central Banks (The Fed and Bank of England particularly) don’t like. It’s decentralised finance; something that they have absolutely no control over. In the UK, many banks are blocking people trying to buy into crypto under the guise of “there’s potential for criminal activity”. Essentially, when the money leaves them and goes into crypto, it’s very difficult to track and there’s a risk of it never coming back.

In China, they have recently signalled their distaste for Decentralised Crypto and there has been a mass exodus of people and money involved with it. Now, the Chinese government is bringing out its own crypto currency and is trialling it in a few areas. The big difference being that this is one that is centralised – ie. Completely traceable and that they maintain control of. It’s called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), worth a Google. In the UK, the Bank of England has signalled its intention to bring out a similar currency dubbed Britcoin, operating on a similar basis to that of the Chinese one.

So, a centrally issued cryptocurrency. This could potentially mean that your account for your new Britcoin is now held with the central bank, in the UK’s case, the Bank of England. COVID and the chance of transmission means that cash is on its way out. That then means that they, and government are fully aware of everything that you do, and that the likes of the retail banks, such as Lloyds, HSBC et al are no longer required. Seems like a long shot? Read on.

Imagine a scenario whereby retail banks in their current guise become largely irrelevant, they’ll likely need to diversify.

In the UK earlier this year, Lloyds Bank Plc signalled its intention to become a large private landlord, despite the potential for damage to its brand – it doesn’t take much working out. Imagine upset tenants in the queue. But this shift, despite the potential for serious PR damage is a seismic one. Regardless, they’re pushing ahead. Why?

Now, mix in people being prevented from getting involved in decentralised crypto and forced into the CBDC’s detailed above. Another thing to Google for would be about the role that the CBDC is playing in China with regards Social Credit. People being prevented from buying plane tickets to fly within the country. Imagine having an account with a central bank/government and their being able to dictate where and on what you spent your money. If you aren’t pro-Government, you could find your money evaporating. You play ball with the Government, you get a favourable interest rate. It looks like it is starting to happen over there.

Imagine in the West, spiralling inflation, interest rates, repossessions and banks amongst other corporates now becoming landlords as they snap up properties from the repossessed. Essentially a shift from private property ownership to corporate ownership and Britain being a nation of tenants.

Corporate ownership of domestic property is starting to happen now, particularly in the States and looks like it will accelerate there and in the UK. Have a Google for subscription based housing. It’s a thing.

Historically in the UK, home ownership is considered important. In recent years we’ve heard “millennials prefer renting” or that they “prefer to not own anything”.  We hear it time and time again. Why the indoctrination against owning your own home? Where is this coming from? The only thing that could halt this march and rebalance things in favour of the Plebs is government.

You think that the government has your best interests at heart? Think again. Just look at the way the UK government has been proven to act in the best interests of its own members, Matt Hancock as been found as acting unlawfully with regards awarding contracts, and yet he’s still in office, untouchable. No prosecution. Now, you, a Pleb, you try acting unlawfully and see where that gets you. And it doesn’t have to be for millions/billions. Just a couple of quid. Don’t do it, kids.

Billions of this created money has found its way into the companies of many MP’s, their friends, their families. It’s all on public record. It’s all out there to read, for how long, I don’t know. These things have a way of being erased, the joys of the digital era.

They (MP’s) are generally regarded as being a self-serving bunch on every level and have been often shown to not give a care about their electorate, the Plebs. Their loyalties often sit with big business, take a look at former PM David Cameron and the recent lobbying scandal. He stood to trouser £60m if he’d pulled it off. And that’s only one of them; many appear to be similar. If the banks and corporates decide to get involved in buying up domestic property, they’ll likely get their way, helped by their friends in Government.

This all takes me back to the “Great Reset” and “Build Back Better”. Worth a Google.

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