Credit For The Falling Inflation Rate

The government last week took credit for the falling inflation figures, and many people started wailing saying that the Bank of England deserved the credit because of its decisive interest rate increases, with others saying that the retailers deserved credit because they’d stopped the price rises.

This is complete and utter rubbish, the real reason is that greedy companies can’t ramp up their prices any more because this will impact their sales, this is the real reason that inflation has fallen.

I’d assert that a lot of the inflation woes that we have experienced over the last couple of years are largely down to greed and opportunism by the large corporations. If there was any doubt, just have a look at their profit figures for the financial years following the inflation peak back in October 2022.

The government has been complicit in the transfer of wealth from the ordinary working person into the pockets of the corporations by its inaction. It has signalled that the UK public are ripe for the picking and companies have gladly filled their pockets.

We’ve heard the term ‘trickle down’, what we’ve experienced is a ‘tsunami up’.

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