EE and Faversham in Kent

Over the last few weeks (since the 12th January 2021 to be precise), the mobile network coverage in Faversham on EE has been terrible. Dropped calls that were never received, unable to place outgoing calls at times, having to resort to Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi calling is really a cop out – this kicks in when the mobile network is that poor in an area that your handset locks onto a Wi-Fi network and routes the calls via a fixed line broadband connection instead. Essentially, you are paying for a mobile network that you are unable to use, you are propping it up by routing calls through your broadband which you are also paying for. Not good.

You’ve probably seen a lot about EE on TV and in the press. This is a lift directly from the ‘About’ section of their website;

“Our vision is to provide the best network and best service so our customers trust us
with their digital lives.”

Lovely. If only it were true.
Have a look at this link on their support site;

The gist of it is that EE were aware during 2020 that their existing mast site in the town would have to be closed because the landowner was developing the site. On 12/01/2021 EE were instructed to remove their kit, which they have done, resulting in the decrease in service. If you can call it service now.
At best, this will not be resolved until the end of February. I’m not holding my breath.

My post on the EE support site that I have linked above is;

I don’t feel that this is acceptable. I blogged about it at; EE and Faversham in Kent – The Slayford

Why can’t you roll a mobile base station in, such as the ones that you turn up to festivals such as Glastonbury with?

In the interim, what compensation are you offering? I have several business mobiles with EE. At times they are useless and have been since the second week of January. 

Faversham had a population of approximately 20,000 a decade ago. There are four large mobile networks, so, let’s just say that EE’s got one out of four residents as a customer, that’s 5000 people. Multiply it by a conservative £30 a month. (Each of my handsets is on approximately £50 a month, so I am being generous.) So, 5000 customers multiplied by £30 a month gives £150,000 gross revenue for EE. This ‘service’ that you provide is down for two months at best, by the look of it. So, you have charged £300,000 to your customers, and not really provided them with much of a service. I’d wager that you are actually getting more than the £300,000 in this period.

My earlier question regarding compensation was a bit of a rhetorical one – I already know the answer. Nothing. You have told people that I know have telephoned to complain this. That they will get absolutely nothing. This looks a little bit obscene considering my rough calculations in my previous paragraph……

How have you managed to arrive in this position as a company. This is either cost cutting or ineptness. Which is it?

Being a paying customer, that is not receiving the service that they are paying for, that will not receive compensation, I would be grateful if some of my money was spent on answering, in detail, the points above. Surely it is the least you could do? Right? If not just for me, maybe the other 4,999 users. How about the patient three listed below too?

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