More Government Hypocrisy

The government will aim to provide rehab for 300,000 drug users who carry out half of all thefts, robberies and burglaries, Boris Johnson has said. He’s also mentioned removal of passports and driving licences.

from 06/12/2021

The Sunday Times reports all but one of 12 lavatory areas in Parliament that were tested showed traces of cocaine.

from 06/12/2021

Okay, so the government is looking into clamping down on drug use amongst Joe Public, I think most will feel that they may just want to start looking a little closer to home.

We’ve got Michael Gove who’s confessed to taking cocaine whilst working as a journalist, and our illustrious PM has joked about sorting the stuff, or was it icing sugar? And now the users of the commons toilets sound like they’re stuck in a snow drift.

I’d expect the Christmas parties that aren’t going to happen (just like last year’s ones), are going to be all nighters….

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