UK First Omicron COVID Death (continued)

Almost a week later, the UK Government has still not released the details of what is so far to date, the UK’s first death with the COVID variant, Omicron. This contrasts the first UK death from first strain of COVID last year when the fact that the patient was “older” and had “underlying health issues” was revealed.

On 16th December an anonymous caller to LBC claimed that the victim was a male patient in their 70’s, and that they had refused the vaccine, and died in a Northampton hospital. The NHS have said that the death did not happen in Northampton. Clearly, the authenticity of the callers claims are questionable and cannot be validated.

Surely the simple and transparent thing for the government to do is release the information as everyone is asking? The question is, why are they refusing? In the absence of the details, people are drawing all manner of conclusions and rumour is rife.

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