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Inflation Again

Inflation Again

Interesting fact from the last quarter of 2020 regarding the US Dollar, and Federal Reserve;

“The Federal Reserve has printed unprecedented amounts of money to support the coronavirus-stricken economy. It has sparked debates about inflation and helped asset prices soar.

Data from the Fed shows that a broad measure of the stock of dollars, known as M2, rose from $15.34 trillion (£11.87 trillion) at the start of the year to $18.72 trillion in September. 

The increase of $3.38 trillion equates to 18 per cent of the total supply of dollars. It means almost one in five dollars was created in 2020″

The UK Government has been on a money printing exercise too. The chickens have come home to roost.

The Cesspit That Is The British Establishment

The Cesspit That Is The British Establishment

Wow. What a start to 2022. We’ve got Prince Andrew in increasingly hot water for something to do with a young teenage girl, we’ve got known liar Boris Johnson having parties at Number 10 during lockdown and spinning and deceiving the the House of Commons on the subject, there’s a load of laws making their way onto the statute books in April that will further erode our democratic freedoms that are going unreported in the UK media, we’ve got Tony Blair still getting his knighthood despite a petition being signed against it by over a million people. It just goes on and on and shows no sign of letting up soon. I can only wonder what is next to come.

For years, we’ve all known that the establishment and ruling elite have complete contempt for the underlings, but never has this been more apparent than now. There is an air of “stuff you, what are you going to do about it?” floating around, and it stinks.

Most of stuff I highlighted in the first paragraph is making front pages around the globe, from the Far East to the States passing through Europe. We have become a complete laughing stock, and we are being derided globally. Yet, the Boris house parties and the new laws seem to be getting buried by our news outlets pretty quickly. Considering Boris’ attempt at an apology in the Commons yesterday was a pretty big thing, it has now been superceded in the newspapers by concerns about a Chinese spy infiltrating the labour party.

As I type, there is breaking news that the Queen has possibly revoked Prince Andrews HRH title, so he may have to face the music as a private citizen. At least the Queen can be trusted to read the room and act with decisive dignity. Shame the rest of the establishment can’t.

News was breaking today that one of Boris’ immediate family had tested positive for COVID and as such would be unlikely to be seen in public as a result. Self isolation for contacts of coronavirus cases is no longer mandatory, his spokesman said he would heed guidance to limit outside contacts as much as possible for seven days after the test. Convenient that, no? It’s meant that he has dodged a scheduled visit to a vaccination centre in Lancashire today where he would have had to face the media for the first time since his attempt at an apology yesterday.

You know what, I have a feeling that Johnson is going to get away with this and remain in post. It’ll be interesting to see where he is in six months time……

Omicron Threat Overstated?

Omicron Threat Overstated?

Interesting figures being released in the UK, I lifted this from the Daily Mail:

There were 8,474 patients in hospital with Covid yesterday compared with 19,277 on the same day last year despite cases being much higher than they were at that time. The most up-to-date figures reveal there were 842 Covid patients in intensive care on ventilators – the lowest level in two months. Covid case numbers – which were updated for the first time since Christmas Eve – reveal 98,515 people in England tested positive yesterday. This is nearly four times higher than the 25,619 people who tested positive on the same day last year and is a considerable decrease on the 113,628 cases reported in England on Christmas Day. It is also lower than the 103,558 cases reported on Boxing Day. The promising figures highlight the vaccine’s protective effects against severe illness, as well as the mounting evidence that Omicron is a milder strain.

Interesting figures and what is particularly interesting is the last sentence. I think when you consider the evidence that was already in prior to Boris Johnson’s address on 12th December, it was pretty clear that Omicron is a considerably milder strain. The question is how much of a part does the vaccine play in preventing serious illness with Omicron.

Was the booster push really required? A lot of people have made a lot of money from this push over the last few weeks, not just Pfizer, but the private companies running the vaccine centres getting paid £12.50 for each shot administered whilst being staffed by volunteers and marines. There’s going to be more than a few people that have done very well out of this, I wonder if they will do the right thing as some companies did with the furlough cash and hand it back? I somehow doubt it…..

As an aside, I wonder how much longer I am going to have to endure shouty text messages telling to me to get a booster for like the one below;

I suppose they need to get shot of them now in case people decide that they don’t need them once they’ve had Omicron.

More Omicron Considerations…

More Omicron Considerations…

As I’m sure most people have been doing, I’ve been chatting with friends regarding the latest mutation of COVID; Omicron. Everyone has a take/opinion on it, right? None of us really have a clue as to what’s right, and what’s wrong, we have to trust the government, and the science. If we don’t, if we dare to question the official line, we’re getting shot down pretty quickly.

Apparently this variant originated in South Africa and the early indications were that it was causing very few hospitalisations and next to no deaths. In fact, it was said that the people being hospitalised, were generally being so for other conditions, and when admitted were being tested. Up until this point, they were unaware that they had COVID because the symptoms are so mild; said to be comparable to a common cold.

Shortly afterwards (towards the end of the first week of December 2021), President Putin referred to Omicron as a live vaccine because of the low risk of illness, it’s comparison to a cold, and the expectation of getting antibodies.

On 12th December 2021 Boris Johnson released a pre-recorded announcement telling people to get booster jabbed to defeat Omicron, in many people this created a panic, and a rush towards the vaccine centres.

The booster jabs are typically the Pfizer one, which has now been rebranded to Comirnaty, which sounds very similar to community depending on how you pronounce it.

Many people in the countries with an experience of Omicron considered the British governments response to this variant to be hysterical and completely disproportionate to the threat. This was mentioned publicly by some very well informed people towards the end of the second week of December 2021.

Todays UK newspapers (26th December 2021) are quite interesting, in particular, the Telegraph;

“One of Britain’s most senior health advisers has been accused of disseminating “dodgy data” that inflated the potential risk of omicron”

So, Jenny Harries allegedly supplied data that mislead over hospitalisations due to Omicron, essentially overstating the risk. This data indicated that there is a 17 day lag between patients being infected and requiring hospitalisation which was stated by Government minister, Sajid Javid. However, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the lag is actually 9-10 days.

“The latest UKHSA data showed that people infected with the Omicron variant were between 50 and 70 per cent less likely to be admitted to hospital than those with Delta.

At the time of Javid’s claim last weekend, despite soaring Omicron cases, only 85 people were in hospital with confirmed Omicron – a figure that has since risen to 366.”

So, in the UK we’ve got Omicron infections up in the millions, the Government has said that of all the people that are suffering with colds, half could be Omicron, and we still only have a few hundred in hospital.

I guess the government will say it is because they did the right thing, followed the science, got everyone booster jabbed and managed the crisis so well.

Of course, it’s nothing to do with the fact that the variant in question is so mild, the majority don’t even know that they have it – vaccinated or unvaccinated. Check out what is going on in South Africa, only a 26% vaccination rate.

And the push for booster jabs, is that following the science because the statistics are starting to indicate otherwise. Who knows, this could have been known prior to Boris’ announcement on 12th December, but either way, it worked out pretty well for him deflecting some of the public relations mess that he found himself in.

To be clear, Boris Johnson has been proved time and time again to be a liar. This is accepted and on the record. Boris’ name and the truth don’t sit well together. There’s a wonderful Eddie Mair interview with him from 2013 where he was shown to have been sacked from two jobs because of his lies, and conspired to get a journalist a beating because of his running a story that upset one of his friends.

So, I’m daring to question what this government is putting in front of me regarding Omicron, and I’ll likely get shot down for it.

UK First Omicron COVID Death (continued)

UK First Omicron COVID Death (continued)

Almost a week later, the UK Government has still not released the details of what is so far to date, the UK’s first death with the COVID variant, Omicron. This contrasts the first UK death from first strain of COVID last year when the fact that the patient was “older” and had “underlying health issues” was revealed.

On 16th December an anonymous caller to LBC claimed that the victim was a male patient in their 70’s, and that they had refused the vaccine, and died in a Northampton hospital. The NHS have said that the death did not happen in Northampton. Clearly, the authenticity of the callers claims are questionable and cannot be validated.

Surely the simple and transparent thing for the government to do is release the information as everyone is asking? The question is, why are they refusing? In the absence of the details, people are drawing all manner of conclusions and rumour is rife.

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