The Cesspit That Is The British Establishment

Wow. What a start to 2022. We’ve got Prince Andrew in increasingly hot water for something to do with a young teenage girl, we’ve got known liar Boris Johnson having parties at Number 10 during lockdown and spinning and deceiving the the House of Commons on the subject, there’s a load of laws making their way onto the statute books in April that will further erode our democratic freedoms that are going unreported in the UK media, we’ve got Tony Blair still getting his knighthood despite a petition being signed against it by over a million people. It just goes on and on and shows no sign of letting up soon. I can only wonder what is next to come.

For years, we’ve all known that the establishment and ruling elite have complete contempt for the underlings, but never has this been more apparent than now. There is an air of “stuff you, what are you going to do about it?” floating around, and it stinks.

Most of stuff I highlighted in the first paragraph is making front pages around the globe, from the Far East to the States passing through Europe. We have become a complete laughing stock, and we are being derided globally. Yet, the Boris house parties and the new laws seem to be getting buried by our news outlets pretty quickly. Considering Boris’ attempt at an apology in the Commons yesterday was a pretty big thing, it has now been superceded in the newspapers by concerns about a Chinese spy infiltrating the labour party.

As I type, there is breaking news that the Queen has possibly revoked Prince Andrews HRH title, so he may have to face the music as a private citizen. At least the Queen can be trusted to read the room and act with decisive dignity. Shame the rest of the establishment can’t.

News was breaking today that one of Boris’ immediate family had tested positive for COVID and as such would be unlikely to be seen in public as a result. Self isolation for contacts of coronavirus cases is no longer mandatory, his spokesman said he would heed guidance to limit outside contacts as much as possible for seven days after the test. Convenient that, no? It’s meant that he has dodged a scheduled visit to a vaccination centre in Lancashire today where he would have had to face the media for the first time since his attempt at an apology yesterday.

You know what, I have a feeling that Johnson is going to get away with this and remain in post. It’ll be interesting to see where he is in six months time……

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