UK Government Deletes Net Zero Research Paper

I meant to cover this at the time, in October 2021, the government published a research paper with a number of considerations and recommendations, which it quickly deleted.

The paper was produced by The Behavioural Insights Unit, which is also known as the Nudge Unit according to the paper itself. This is the same unit that was responsible for the design of the sugar levy.

It mentioned shifting dietary habits away from meat and towards plant-based foods, taxing producers or retailers of high-carbon foods such as sheep and cattle meat to incentivise take up of plant-based and local food diets.

Another area it touches on is implementing stronger carbon taxes for flying and shifting social norms to make international flights a sign of immoral indulgence or embarrassment.

Have a read, the paper is available here thanks to Alex Chapman at the New Economics Foundation.

If the link ceases to work, please let me know; I’ve downloaded a backup copy.

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