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Will Tesco Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is?

Will Tesco Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is?

John Allan, Tesco Chairman was speaking today (10th May 2022) on Radio 4 regarding the cost-of-living impact on customers and how some customers were asking checkout staff to stop scanning items when the shop got to a particular value. Staff were being asked to stop at £40, for example as they didn’t want to spend any more than that.

He then went on to detail an “overwhelming need” for a windfall tax on the energy companies and for the money to be diverted to help the public. I couldn’t agree more.

Great sentiment and whilst that’s being worked on, let’s have a look at Tesco themselves;

To the year end of February 26th 2022, their pre-tax profits trebled from £636m to £2.03bn which is pretty impressive. In fact, they haven’t done bad at all during this COVID malarkey and out the other side.

When these profits were announced in April 2022, the Chief Executive Ken Murphy said, “Against a tough backdrop for our customers and with household budgets under pressure, we are laser-focused on keeping the cost of the weekly shop in check – working in close partnerships with our suppliers, as well as doing everything we can to reduce our own costs.”

He added that Tesco was keeping the rise in cost of living “a bit under the number for the overall market”.

Let’s break down his statement a little, he’s acknowledging the difficulties that his customers are experiencing, which is nice, he concedes that prices need to be kept low, good. Now, considering Tesco’s historical reputation of poor treatment of its suppliers, and its sharp practices the “working in close partnerships with our suppliers, as well as doing everything we can to reduce our own costs.” is a bit concerning. I wouldn’t want to be a supplier to Tesco, I think that I’d end up being squeezed and feel the pinch far more than they would. Somehow, I think they’ll (Tesco) find a way to maintain their margins.

And what if Tesco do this? Then just apply a windfall tax on their profits, John Allan is already on board with the concept for the energy companies, I’m sure that he won’t mind if it’s applied to his company for the greater good.

And for the other supermarkets? We’re watching you.

£200 Energy Bill Discount?

£200 Energy Bill Discount?

I’ve not really been keeping up with the news too much of late, all I know is that Boris Johnson has still not resigned. Unbelievable.

I received the following Whatsapp over the weekend;

“There is something very wrong about this ‘loan’ from the energy sector:
‘RE: imposed £200 loans for energy bills. Thanks to Richard Else – I have just reworked and generalised a message he has written to his energy provider and to the Cabinet Office (and I’ve cc’d my MP, who is in the Treasury)… Feel free to copy, adapt and send to suit your purposes… ‘

“To whom it may concern,
With regards to the recent news that all customers of energy companies in England will be given a £200 loan from the Government to be repaid over following years.
I would like to state that I do not want this loan. I have not asked for this loan and I certainly do not want the government interfering in my finanical affairs. I do not wish my energy company to transfer the loan to my account, nor take repayments from my account in the future, and I shall be writing to them to this effect.
I have several reasons for this decision.

  1. I have not given the Government permission to provide me with a loan. Legal requirements within the Consumer Credit Act require both the lender and the applicant to accept the written terms and conditions relating to specific transactions. I have not received contractual paperwork and would not sign an agreement, should I be provided with one. Without such an agreement, I believe the imposition of a compulsory loan would be unlawful.
  2. Since the most vulnerable in society are much more likely to be using pre-payment meters for their energy supplies, this loan scheme is completely misguided. Such people do not receive or pay bills, so cannot be helped through this proposed plan. Please reconsider and change this.
  3. Since I am a customer on a fixed rate tariff my unit costs for energy will not rise in April when the government removes its cap. Therefore I do not need a loan to help me.
  4. Within my contractual agreement with my energy company, there is no reference to the provision of credit from third parties without the consent of the customer. If the government continues with this course of action, it could cause contractual problems for the energy companies.
    This imposition is of great concern.
    For the Government to create a situation where they can enforce financial debt upon citizens, then control their personal finances – through their energy account – to repay a debt they have neither wanted nor authorised, is a worrying authoritarian development in the relationship between the state and the citizens of this country.”

Okay, if any of this is true, it’s quite troubling, so I immediately forwarded it onto a friend and tagged at the end that it looks like I need to read about the proposal and his response was;

“You do, I think that covers it.
It’s also a loan that is forced to play the market.
And it’ll be managed by who?”

This is starting to sound a little sinister.

Some reading reveals that the discount is in actual fact a loan for £200 which will be applied to this years bill as a credit to the account, and then be repaid at £40/year from 2023 to 2027.

The process is that the UK government loans the money to the energy suppliers, and they distribute it from there.

The reason for this is that energy bills will be going up for users on standard rate variable tariffs from April 2022 to the tune of 54% if you are on an account or prepay meter.

You have absolutely no say as to whether you have the loan or not, it will be applied to your account regardless; the loan is being forced upon you. If you do not have an energy account, i.e. you are on a prepay meter, you will receive a voucher or cheque.

If you don’t currently have an energy bill of your own, such as you’re living with parents and you miss receiving the loan, if you then move out and into your own place, you will then have to make the repayments at the £40/year between 2023 and 2027 for the loan that you never had!

There are so many questions bouncing around in my head, I just cannot think of where to start.

I think the best point is to look at other European countries. The jump in energy prices is affecting the entire continent, so what are the governments doing there?

In France, the government is forcing EDF to limit the increase to 4% this year, this means the company will take a financial knock to the tune of around £7bn. I’d say that this was fairly effective at protecting the consumer.

In Spain, the government there is applying a windfall tax on the electricity and gas producers that doing rather well out of the escalation in prices to distribute to people in need. How this manifests itself and how the consumer will be benefit will need to be seen.

In Germany, their government has cut green surcharges on bills. This is a start.

And in the UK……the government indebts the population, regardless as to whether they want the money or not, and will recover the money from them, whether they have had it or not.

And the amount of money that we are talking about is a paltry £200. This will barely touch the jump in bills for this year alone.

So, the energy producers and suppliers in the UK will continue to be allowed to make huge profits from something that is essentially costing them the same as it did before the increase in prices, and to add insult to injury, most are foreign owned and the suspicion is that they are using the profits from their UK operations to subsidise their home ones.

UK Government Deletes Net Zero Research Paper

UK Government Deletes Net Zero Research Paper

I meant to cover this at the time, in October 2021, the government published a research paper with a number of considerations and recommendations, which it quickly deleted.

The paper was produced by The Behavioural Insights Unit, which is also known as the Nudge Unit according to the paper itself. This is the same unit that was responsible for the design of the sugar levy.

It mentioned shifting dietary habits away from meat and towards plant-based foods, taxing producers or retailers of high-carbon foods such as sheep and cattle meat to incentivise take up of plant-based and local food diets.

Another area it touches on is implementing stronger carbon taxes for flying and shifting social norms to make international flights a sign of immoral indulgence or embarrassment.

Have a read, the paper is available here thanks to Alex Chapman at the New Economics Foundation.

If the link ceases to work, please let me know; I’ve downloaded a backup copy.

The Cesspit That Is The British Establishment

The Cesspit That Is The British Establishment

Wow. What a start to 2022. We’ve got Prince Andrew in increasingly hot water for something to do with a young teenage girl, we’ve got known liar Boris Johnson having parties at Number 10 during lockdown and spinning and deceiving the the House of Commons on the subject, there’s a load of laws making their way onto the statute books in April that will further erode our democratic freedoms that are going unreported in the UK media, we’ve got Tony Blair still getting his knighthood despite a petition being signed against it by over a million people. It just goes on and on and shows no sign of letting up soon. I can only wonder what is next to come.

For years, we’ve all known that the establishment and ruling elite have complete contempt for the underlings, but never has this been more apparent than now. There is an air of “stuff you, what are you going to do about it?” floating around, and it stinks.

Most of stuff I highlighted in the first paragraph is making front pages around the globe, from the Far East to the States passing through Europe. We have become a complete laughing stock, and we are being derided globally. Yet, the Boris house parties and the new laws seem to be getting buried by our news outlets pretty quickly. Considering Boris’ attempt at an apology in the Commons yesterday was a pretty big thing, it has now been superceded in the newspapers by concerns about a Chinese spy infiltrating the labour party.

As I type, there is breaking news that the Queen has possibly revoked Prince Andrews HRH title, so he may have to face the music as a private citizen. At least the Queen can be trusted to read the room and act with decisive dignity. Shame the rest of the establishment can’t.

News was breaking today that one of Boris’ immediate family had tested positive for COVID and as such would be unlikely to be seen in public as a result. Self isolation for contacts of coronavirus cases is no longer mandatory, his spokesman said he would heed guidance to limit outside contacts as much as possible for seven days after the test. Convenient that, no? It’s meant that he has dodged a scheduled visit to a vaccination centre in Lancashire today where he would have had to face the media for the first time since his attempt at an apology yesterday.

You know what, I have a feeling that Johnson is going to get away with this and remain in post. It’ll be interesting to see where he is in six months time……

Vodafone, HMRC, Harnett and the Whiff of Impropriety

Vodafone, HMRC, Harnett and the Whiff of Impropriety

Over the last couple of years we’ve become increasingly used to people in positions of power in the UK government doing naughty things and not being held to account. There’s one incident that goes back over a decade that really gets me upset and if you are a UK taxpayer, then it should do the same to you. There’s a lot more detail than I am going into here, but this should give a fair idea of what has gone on;

Vodafone is one of the darlings of the FTSE and has often been in the news for its tax dealings. It is a client of an accountancy firm called Deloitte. There is one incident that I’m going to focus on and this happened in 2010 when a man called Dave Harnett was the Permanent Secretary for Tax at HM Revenue and Customs.

Vodafone owed over £7bn in tax at this point, which is of course a considerable amount of money. To put that into perspective, according to the ONS, the mean gross annual salary for full time employees in the UK for 2010 was £25,879. From that figure £6,097 tax and national insurance would due (this is deducted at source, the worker has no choice in the matter), and the employer has to pay £2,580 on top of this; a tax for employing the worker. So, for each person earning this wage, theirs, and their employers contribution totals £8,677. Vodafone’s tax bill is due on profits earned, and is equivalent to the contribution of 806,730 average UK wage earners tax contribution based upon my quick calculation. That is a considerable amount of people.

Now this is where things take a turn for the worse if you are one of those people that lose approximately 20% of their earnings to tax and national insurance at source without having any say in the matter. Vodafone play by a completely different set of rules, and it appears that they are assisted by the very people paid to stop them avoiding their tax bill.

During the 2000’s Vodafone was locked in a long running dispute with HMRC regarding the amount of tax that it owed, in April of 2007, the Director of HMRC’s Large Business and Customer unit was a man called John Connors, he defected to Vodafone in a move that stunned his colleagues leaving many feeling betrayed.

Dave Harnett and John Connors used to work closely together at HMRC, and as the dispute evolved, Harnett changed the HMRC team working on the Vodafone case, instead installing a team that he deemed to be more flexible. This team negotiated a settlement with Connors in 2010 whereby Vodafone would only pay £1.25bn instead of the £7bn.

In July 2012 Harnett retired from HMRC, and less than a year later started working for Deloitte (Vodafone accountants, see second paragraph above) in a very lucrative deal. At the time, the Prime Minister, David Cameron approved his appointment subject to six caveats, one of which was that Harnett did not draw on privileged information from his time at HMRC. I don’t really think that this is the problem, the damage had already been done.

Deloitte commented at the time that Harnett will work as a consultant to them advising foreign governments and tax administrations, primarily in the developing world as he has significant experience in advising such countries on the development of effective tax regimes.

That’s a bit of a giggle, really, isn’t it?

Arise, Sir Tony Blair

Arise, Sir Tony Blair

Well, Sir Tony (not Sir Anthony) has been made a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. Sounds rather fancy, doesn’t it? Most noble, order etc. Apparently it’s the highest honour that can be bestowed upon him, and it was announced yesterday.

I wonder if, now that he is a bona-fide Knight, if he is going to go on a crusade, say, somewhere like the Middle East, or is that a bit passe, a bit noughties?

The garter bit will probably stick in Rupert Murdoch’s throat; the garter in question is possibly his ex-wife’s Wendy Deng’s. I need to be careful here, I’ve watched all available seasons of Succession, so I know full well what Mr Murdoch is capable of, and I’ve watched the karate chopping Deng in action too.

Well, on the back of this announcement, the shit well and truly hit the fan; the interweb thingy lit up like a Christmas tree again and the socials were particularly fascinating. The interesting thing is that in an era of soundbites, social media, very short attention spans and memories that have evolved over the 14 years since he left the office of Prime Minister, some of his policies and actions appear to have left an indellible stain upon not just the UK electorate psyche, but the global one. And this stuff being catapulted off the fan is not pleasant at all, no Sir (Tony). I’d happily get sprayed with it if it could save the several hundred thousand lives that were wasted in the pursuit of your policies.

This morning I wake to read another Knight, this one called Lindsay Hoyle, who is also the Speaker of the House of Commons, is vigorously defending the honour.

There are some wonderful quotes in there, he said he felt the honour, the oldest and most senior British order of chivalry, was “a fitting tribute”, “and I think it is respectful and it is the right thing to do, whether it is Sir David Cameron. They should all be offered that knighthood when they finish as prime minister.”, and “If you have been prime minister of this country, I do believe the country should recognise the service given. Absolutely. You finish in the office and when you’ve finished it is the respect that we give to those prime ministers,”, the final one; “It is not about politics. It is about the position they have held in this country and it’s the respect that we show to those and it is a fitting tribute,”

I’m in complete awe of these quotes and am sat slowly shaking my head as I type. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, I cannot even be bothered to explain.

As the last few years have shown, the establishment is becoming more and more disconnected from the general public that they serve, they are becoming more and more ridiculous. How can these people take themselves seriously? They are obviously maintaining their vested interests, and the dishing out of awards for a long gone empire is embarrassing. Does Italy dish stuff out for the Roman empire wearing fancy dress togas? Does it heck. As I said, embarrassing.

Currently there is a Change campaign to have Blair’s knighthood rescinded with 120,000 signatures on it, and it is growing fast. It can be found here.

Over a million people reportedly took to the streets of London to protest against the Iraq war back in 2003, the figure was actually two million, but lets not split hairs. The BBC article from the time is here and makes interesting reading.

Lets see how many signatures this Change campaign gets up to and whether it gets ignored in the same way as the Iraq war protests. Please share the link.

More Omicron Considerations…

More Omicron Considerations…

As I’m sure most people have been doing, I’ve been chatting with friends regarding the latest mutation of COVID; Omicron. Everyone has a take/opinion on it, right? None of us really have a clue as to what’s right, and what’s wrong, we have to trust the government, and the science. If we don’t, if we dare to question the official line, we’re getting shot down pretty quickly.

Apparently this variant originated in South Africa and the early indications were that it was causing very few hospitalisations and next to no deaths. In fact, it was said that the people being hospitalised, were generally being so for other conditions, and when admitted were being tested. Up until this point, they were unaware that they had COVID because the symptoms are so mild; said to be comparable to a common cold.

Shortly afterwards (towards the end of the first week of December 2021), President Putin referred to Omicron as a live vaccine because of the low risk of illness, it’s comparison to a cold, and the expectation of getting antibodies.

On 12th December 2021 Boris Johnson released a pre-recorded announcement telling people to get booster jabbed to defeat Omicron, in many people this created a panic, and a rush towards the vaccine centres.

The booster jabs are typically the Pfizer one, which has now been rebranded to Comirnaty, which sounds very similar to community depending on how you pronounce it.

Many people in the countries with an experience of Omicron considered the British governments response to this variant to be hysterical and completely disproportionate to the threat. This was mentioned publicly by some very well informed people towards the end of the second week of December 2021.

Todays UK newspapers (26th December 2021) are quite interesting, in particular, the Telegraph;

“One of Britain’s most senior health advisers has been accused of disseminating “dodgy data” that inflated the potential risk of omicron”

So, Jenny Harries allegedly supplied data that mislead over hospitalisations due to Omicron, essentially overstating the risk. This data indicated that there is a 17 day lag between patients being infected and requiring hospitalisation which was stated by Government minister, Sajid Javid. However, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the lag is actually 9-10 days.

“The latest UKHSA data showed that people infected with the Omicron variant were between 50 and 70 per cent less likely to be admitted to hospital than those with Delta.

At the time of Javid’s claim last weekend, despite soaring Omicron cases, only 85 people were in hospital with confirmed Omicron – a figure that has since risen to 366.”

So, in the UK we’ve got Omicron infections up in the millions, the Government has said that of all the people that are suffering with colds, half could be Omicron, and we still only have a few hundred in hospital.

I guess the government will say it is because they did the right thing, followed the science, got everyone booster jabbed and managed the crisis so well.

Of course, it’s nothing to do with the fact that the variant in question is so mild, the majority don’t even know that they have it – vaccinated or unvaccinated. Check out what is going on in South Africa, only a 26% vaccination rate.

And the push for booster jabs, is that following the science because the statistics are starting to indicate otherwise. Who knows, this could have been known prior to Boris’ announcement on 12th December, but either way, it worked out pretty well for him deflecting some of the public relations mess that he found himself in.

To be clear, Boris Johnson has been proved time and time again to be a liar. This is accepted and on the record. Boris’ name and the truth don’t sit well together. There’s a wonderful Eddie Mair interview with him from 2013 where he was shown to have been sacked from two jobs because of his lies, and conspired to get a journalist a beating because of his running a story that upset one of his friends.

So, I’m daring to question what this government is putting in front of me regarding Omicron, and I’ll likely get shot down for it.

UK First Omicron COVID Death (continued)

UK First Omicron COVID Death (continued)

Almost a week later, the UK Government has still not released the details of what is so far to date, the UK’s first death with the COVID variant, Omicron. This contrasts the first UK death from first strain of COVID last year when the fact that the patient was “older” and had “underlying health issues” was revealed.

On 16th December an anonymous caller to LBC claimed that the victim was a male patient in their 70’s, and that they had refused the vaccine, and died in a Northampton hospital. The NHS have said that the death did not happen in Northampton. Clearly, the authenticity of the callers claims are questionable and cannot be validated.

Surely the simple and transparent thing for the government to do is release the information as everyone is asking? The question is, why are they refusing? In the absence of the details, people are drawing all manner of conclusions and rumour is rife.

More Government Hypocrisy

More Government Hypocrisy

The government will aim to provide rehab for 300,000 drug users who carry out half of all thefts, robberies and burglaries, Boris Johnson has said. He’s also mentioned removal of passports and driving licences.

from 06/12/2021

The Sunday Times reports all but one of 12 lavatory areas in Parliament that were tested showed traces of cocaine.

from 06/12/2021

Okay, so the government is looking into clamping down on drug use amongst Joe Public, I think most will feel that they may just want to start looking a little closer to home.

We’ve got Michael Gove who’s confessed to taking cocaine whilst working as a journalist, and our illustrious PM has joked about sorting the stuff, or was it icing sugar? And now the users of the commons toilets sound like they’re stuck in a snow drift.

I’d expect the Christmas parties that aren’t going to happen (just like last year’s ones), are going to be all nighters….

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